Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Loksabha Election 2019 Live Result

loksabha election 2019 live result

Democracy is the rule governing people, by people and for people. In which people have freedom of speech and freedom of thought. People can freely express their thoughts. There is no restriction on the basic right of every person in a democracy. India is considered the world's largest representative democracy

Indian Election Commission (English: Election Commission of India, Hindi: Election Commission of India), has plans and responsibilities for all election processes in India, established by the Constitution, autonomy, federal authority. Free and fair elections are held in India, under the supervision of the Commission, in a reasonable time frame. The Election Commission has the power to administer, direct, and control the Parliament of India's Parliamentary State and the President and Vice Presidential Elections. [2] The power of governing, direction and control of local government / municipalities etc. is held by the State Election COMMISSION

loksabha chutani na parinam live

Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as a simple definition that democracy is a government run by people, people and people. Without discrimination like poor, well-educated, educated, uneducated etc., every adult citizen gets the right to run a government in a democracy or to become a shareholder and to vote for the government. This is a true characteristic of democracy. The awakened people and awakened voters are the people of democracy. President Mahatma Gandhi has said that whatever state we create, but as long as we understand our duties as a citizen and do not use it vigorously, true swaraj is impossible. This is why the suffrage is available in the democracy. It is the duty of the ideal citizen to democratize a holy duty with awareness. Citizens should not fall back to becoming duty-bound as well as the rights and rights to be taken. Democracy, like voting, becomes dement and stronger. It is the duty of every citizen to understand and inspire others for that

loksabha chutani na parinam live