Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Akhil Gujarat Gram Panchayat Movement of agitation by Clerk, Patta Maha Mandal

If the questions like appointing of employees, job security, salary reservation, and if the employee dies, then the heirs will not be solved if the job is not resolved.

A conference was held in the presence of Akhil Gujarat Clerk, Patna Maha Mandalal President Manusingh Rathore, chaired by former State Minister Pravin Singh Vihol of Gujarat State Talati cum Minister, in the hall of Sampad Mahakali temple in Pranti.

In which the employees of the village panchayats of Junagadh, Panchmahal, Sabarkantha and Aravali were joined. In the Gram Panchayat, the charges of loyalty-paying clerks and patawalas for years have been knocked on the court gate.

Some employees have been discharged by the government system by ignoring court orders.

Despite giving representations to those who are urged to return to the immediate Panchayats, giving reservation to the employees, no interest has been shown to solve them from the government. Pravin Singh said that when employees are not getting justice, they are in the mood to fight the battle. Responsible officials of government and machinery have consistently misused small employees.

If these employees are appointed, job security, salary reservation, and if the employee dies, then such issues will not be resolved, then in the future, the movement will be organized by Gandhi in a way Gandhi said. Pravin Singh Vihole also assured the financial support of the Gujarat State Gram Panchayat Clerk, Pataiya Maha Mandal. This conference of the Mahan Mandal was successfully managed by Ashokbhai Sadhu.

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